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Russo CollageMy name is Russo Mutuc, and I LOVE to travel. I'm also a professional photographer, based in Los Angeles, CA. Here are a few of my collections from my travel photography. I've been traveling on and off since early 2000. When I first started, I had my very first digital camera, Olympus 2MP point-and-shoot. Since then, I've upgraded to professional cameras, and had gone through photography and film school. In between my photography jobs, I try and find time to travel. The images below are higher resolutions compared to the pictures in my earlier travels.

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Travel: Discovering Culture and Personality ::Travel Stories by, Russo Mutuc::

Salton Sea 2011 - The Apocalyptic View Of The Socal Riviera


Vancouver, Canada 2011 - Exploring The Beauty Of Vancouver


San Francisco, California 2011 - The Bay Area Has Something To Offer


Cue In the Top Gun Anthem, And Let Your Imagination Do The Rest - 2012

f14 below view

In the Hunt for Island Rhythm- Puerto Rico 2012

Puerto Rico Culture and Personality

Travel Mexico